Christ Centered
Passion Filled Worship (Worship focusing on the passions of Christ and celebrated through the passions and talents that exist in the hearts of his followers)
Caring for others (Love)
Humility in Service (Service that is given out of a spirit of servant leadership)
Boldness in Holy Living (The adventures of a changed life, not a ritualistic religion will be our goal)
Generosity in Giving

Biblically Guided
A passion to grow (Embracing Christ's passions through the proper understanding of God's word.)
Biblical based teaching and preaching as the foundation for a transformed life.
Lost people matter to God and to us.

Holy Spirit led
Passionate responses about things that matter to God.
Prayer that learns to listen, surrender, and obey His Holy Spirit.
Supernatural living (Anointed teaching, healing, plus many other experiences that will add value to life.)
Empowered Testimonies. (Allowing the passions of our lives to draw others to their passion)